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Customer Comments


What Our Customers Are Saying:

I have NEVER sent anyone a testimonial. I have to say, however, that the best purchase I have ever made of any accessory for a cell phone was the Avery Sound molded ear pieces for my iPhone ear bud speakers and the Jawbone molded piece. As a psychiatrist, my hearing is of ultimate importance to me. With the addition of this product, I have been able to turn the volume setting from the highest to the lowest. The sound clarity is incredible: whether on a motorcycle, in a convertible, or in a busy hospital. I will be ordering sets for every family member in an effort to protect their hearing. Thank you for such an innovative and quality product.

H. Cruz, M.D.
Fresno, California

I just wanted to write to you and let you know that we received the ear pieces, very quickly actually! We are very happy with them and with the service you and your company have provided. Thank you very much!

K. Duque, Production Coordinator
The Jewelry Channel, Austin, Texas

Just a quick note to let you know I got my plugs (both sets) and they fit perfectly - the set made for the Shure E-4ís are especially nice. Many thanks again.

T. Ioannou
Vancouver, B.C.

I just received my custom fitted piece for the Jawbone bluetooth earpiece...Excellent Job! This thing fits like a glove running, jumping etc.. no problem! I'm actually thinking of getting another set done for my MP3 in ears. Thanks again AverySound....great job!!

R. Regina
Middletown, New York

I have used several Avery Sound molds on different equipment and they consistently perform as advertised. The customer support at Avery Sound is excellent.

Kirk S.
Fremont, California

I received my earpiece this afternoon. Thanks very much for your fast service. The earpiece fits like a dream! I am considering buying a second one. The new earpiece has made the difference like between black and white as far as comfort and it's fit has allowed me to quit worrying about it falling out of my ear. Thanks again.

M. Christiansen
Silverton, Oregon

I just wanted to say thank you! I just received my ear pieces and they really are amazing. I am surprised by their comfort and stability. They have made the sound quality of my MP3 player much more enjoyable. It is also great to not have to worry about my headphones constantly falling out! I have already suggested Avery Sound to many people! Thanks again!

K. Murray
New York, New York

I received my custom Jawbone earmold today and am very happy and satisfied. Thanks again for your great product/services, I am quite happy with the results.

D. Cintron
Houston, Texas

I tried the Race Ears today at work, the noise reduction in the helicopter is amazing. I am using them under my headphones and I will need some time to get used to how quiet everything is....I love it. I will definitely recommend you guys to the other pilots. You took good care of me and I got the Race Ears earlier than expected. Thank you for everything!

Michael D.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Received my replacement earpiece today. Perfect fit. You people are the best. Thank you.

T. Winters
North Palm Beach, Florida

Well, I must say, I LOVE IT! Three years of trying over 15 Bluetooth headsets and it turns out all I needed to do was call Averysound! Thanks again for all your help! I find my self turning the headset volume down for the first time in my life!

S. Maulsby
Del Ray Beach, Florida

This really is the best earpiece I have had. Very comfortable.

D. Illig
Kingwood, Texas

Greetings from Mississippi. Just got my molded Avery Sound earpiece for my Apple Bluetooth headset and I'm overjoyed at how well the earpiece works. I was never able to reliably keep the headset in my ear and the fit was so loose that reception was poor. All that has changed since the arrival of my Avery earpiece; now I'm actually having to turn the volume down on my headset. Thanks for the great job and the quick service.

D. Richardson
Flowood, Mississippi

Thanks.....I got the custom earpieces for my Shure earphones and they are great. They are very comfortable. Thanks for a great job.

M. Stafford
Montreal, Canada

When I first bought my Jawbone, the reported sound quality was great, but the earpiece would fall off my ear within two minutes of use. No combination of earloop and earpiece worked. I ordered a custom earmold from AverySound, followed the instructions, and now have the best sounding earpiece with the physical security of my previous favorite, the behind-the-ear Jabra BT500. The Voice Activity Sensor of the Jawbone is pressed firmly but comfortably against my face, no earloop needed. I am able to comfortably wear the headset for 8+ hours straight. It couldn't have turned out better. Products this good are rare and deserving of the compliments. Thank you!

K. Thompson, M.D.
Lakewood, Colorado

Wonderful job with the custom earpieces for my Samsung WEP200 and the Plantronics Voyager 510.

R. Hoover, M.D.
Nashville, Tennessee

Avery Sound Company and PilotStuff.com have done an amazing job answering all of my questions and sending my shipments out quickly! I have been using my earpieces with my Telex 5x5 Pro over the past few weeks and have nothing but great things to say about it! I no longer have background noise, and now have an extremely comfortable headset to wear! Your products and services will be recommended to everyone! Thank you for the excellent customer service and quick shipments! It is very evident that you value your customers, and it is greatly appreciated!

N. Bonomo
Hazleton, Pennsylvania

The custom earpiece and SoundPort are working even better than I expected. I am very pleased with the results.

J. Thacher
Littleton, Colorado

The earpiece is great! I know the Blackberry 665 was a new one for you, but you did a great custom job. I actually enjoy wearing this now as I don't really feel it in my ear. No more of the soreness from the factory plugs! Thanks again. I'll be ordering some for my Shure headphones soon!

K. Krause
Lakeland, Florida

Thank you. The custom earpiece for my Samsung Bluetooth is great. Good job.

N. Cowan
Macon, Georgia

I would like to thank you very much for all your help and interest in providing me the best service and product. I tried the earpiece yesterday and I just couldn't believe how good it is. It is really comfortable!!! You guys from AverySound/PilotStuff did a very good job and it was a pleasure doing business with you.  

P. Lanari
United Arab Emirates

John....thanks for the follow up..the earpiece arrived this morning just as promised and seems to fit well. Again, thanks for your personal attention and thanks also to Linda.

P. Glawe
Segin, Texas

I just wanted to tell you that this is the most comfortable and secure earpiece that I have ever had the pleasure of using. My Jawbone device does not come loose even when I am crawling around on the floor. I can wear it all day and never think about it. Fantastic product. Thank you so much!

B. Ramsey
Elko, Nevada

Thanks for all of the help and customer service that you provided.

M. Aleman
Milan, Illinois

Thank you for the quality customer support. It is refreshing to get decent customer support in the day of pushing a bunch of numbers, holding for hours, and waiting days for a response. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

S. Shook
Littleton, Colorado

Just a quick note. Today I received my custom ear piece for my Jawbone bluetooth. All I can say is "Fantastic Job". It fits perfect, is not an irritant, and the best part, I have turned my phone down to its lowest setting and can still hear perfectly. No more ear hoops and if I shake my head the ear piece stays securely in place. If you ever need a testimonial from a customer, please use me. Thank you for producing a product that actually met your advertised promise. Best regards.

R. Schloss
San Jose, California

The headset arrived here this afternoon.....Great Service! Thanks again.

R. McKenzie
Mesa, Arizona

The earpiece is awesome! The fit is very snug...FINALLY... after six years, I have an earpiece that keeps my headset in place. I was also very surprised at the noise reduction this earpiece (Satin Soft) provides. Thanks very much.
J. Vagim
Visalia, California

Thank you for the help. I love the way your company conducts its business!

J. Romano
Carrollton, Texas

I received the flight case and it is just as the advertisement states, overall quality appears as it might handle the occasional baggage "ape" in addition to normal use.
W. Knittel
St. Simons Island, Georgia

I've worked with cell phones for the better part of three years. The Jawbone earpiece I received today is amazing. This is exactly what customers are looking for in an earpiece. It fits very snuggly but does not require big hooks or devices to hold the headset on. Volume is amazing. (actually had to turn my phone way down because I have always had it up fairly high) Just wanted to let you know that you have a great product here and I'll be sure to recommend it.

E. Rager
Frederica, Delaware

I received the earpieces and they work great!

J. Beatty
Reno, Nevada

Thank you. I know you put an inordinate amount of time on this order and I very much appreciate it. It is rare to find that level of customer service anywhere! I will be ordering from you again in the future.
N. Vazzana
St. Louis, Missouri

I really like the earpiece, now I can take full advantage of the Jawbone Headset, hear very clearly, plus it is so comfortable.
M. Tigner
Breeden, West Virginia

I received my replacement kit bag in good condition. Thank you...and as I have expressed previously, thank you for doing your best to provide only American made products and only the best products. Thank you for your excellent customer service.
R. Humphreys
Azle, Texas

The earpiece has a great sound quality and is very comfortable!! Far better than my old 911 dispatcher earpiece....thanks!!!

D. Schlies
Stayton, Oregon

I received the Telex headset very quickly. Thank you for you for all your help.

C. Hall
Roscoe, Illinois


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