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Custom Molded Earpieces for Medical Professionals from AverySound.com



Communication is critical in the medical profession. Doctors, Nurses, and EMTís need clear and dependable communications.

Avery Sound Company is proud to be able to provide a line of custom molded earpieces that will meet the needs of these medical personnel. We make custom earpieces for use with many types of stethoscopes providing a clear and comfortable alternative to generic ear tips. In addition, we make a custom earpiece specifically designed for use by anesthesiologists. We also make custom earpieces for two-way radios, cell phones, Bluetooth earsets, and for other communications equipment, providing quality and dependable performance.

Stethoscope Earpiece

Doctors and nurses use stethoscopes frequently when they are caring for their patients. However they often find that the stethoscope generic ear tips are uncomfortable or do not fit their ears properly. Avery Sound Company can help. We can provide a set of custom fit earpieces that will solve the problem.

14 sample satin soft (web).jpg

Click on the link below for more infomation on our Stethoscope Earpieces.
Stethoscope Earpiece

Anesthesiologist Earpiece

Anesthesiologists must accurately monitor the vital signs of their patients during surgery. Constantly wearing a stethoscope can be an irritation and a distraction for these professionals. Avery Sound Company can provide a custom fit earpiece that will eliminate these problems.

Click on the link below for more infomation on our Anesthesiologist Earpiece.
Anesthesiologist Earpiece

Telecommunications Earpiece

Telecommunications Earpieces are designed to be used with various models of hospital and paramedic radios. The collar clip and coiled tubing allow the user a full range of head motion while keeping the earpiece firmly in place. The earpiece comes standard with coiled tubing, collar clip, and choice of adapter.

Click on the link below for more infomation on our Telecommunications Earpieces.
Telecommunications Earpiece

Two-Way Radio Earpiece

Whether you need to be able to hear clearly in a noisy environment, or you need to be able to communicate quietly in a restricted environment, an Avery Sound Company Two-Way Radio Earpiece can meet your needs.


Click on the link below for more infomation on our Two-Way Radio Earpieces.
Two-Way Radio Earpiece

Cell Phone Earpiece

Medical Professionals use cell phones to make their lives easier. They should not have to deal with those uncomfortable cell phone ear bud speakers that wonít stay in their ears. They need communication devices that can be heard without the volume being set to the maximum.

Avery Sound Company can provide you with a custom fit Cell Phone Earpiece giving you the comfort and sound quality you deserve while reducing outside noise . . . and it wonít fall out of your ear!


Click on the link below for more infomation on our Cell Phone Earpieces.
Cell Phone Earpiece

Bluetooth SoundPort

Do you depend on your mobile phone for constant communication? Are you tired of one-size-fits-all solutions that fit poorly and sound even worse? Do the laws in your state ban the use of hand held mobile phones while driving?

If so, you can have the ultimate mobile communications solution . . . introducing the Bluetooth SoundPort.


Click on the link below for more infomation on our Bluetooth SoundPort.
Bluetooth SoundPort

Avery Sound Company, Inc.(TM) and PilotStuff.com(TM) are here to help. If you donít find the answer to your questions on our website, contact us directly at sales@AverySound.com or call us at (800)786-5140. We want to be of service to you.

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